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Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair is a unique concept in that we are engaged in the repair end of the jewelry business.Our services include vintage antique restoration, ring sizing, watch repair and batteries, retipping of prongs, stone tightening, appraisals, custom jewelry design, eyeglass repair.Making jewelry wearable again, restoring it to its original beauty is our mission.We also provide a nice selection of handmade distinct jewelry pieces ranging from handmade necklaces to estate jewelry.We specialize in repairs that other jewelry stores turn down, and if we cannot fix it, it canít be fixed.†

†Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair
4548 Harding Pike ( Belle Meade Plaza )
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 269-3288

September 28, 2016

( Belle Meade Plaza )
4548 Harding Pike
Nashville , TN 37205

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